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Painted Crane

I decided to start learning Origami for two specific reasons.

First, I love leaving little tokens of gratitude for people who have shown me kindness. Sometimes I find that words just don't do the trick when it comes to saying thank-you. One day, I saw myself leaving a trail of origami thank you's behind me wherever I go!  So I decided to learn how to fold!

Secondly, I believe we all are born with certain challenges that help us discover our strength and hidden gifts. My challenge in this life is anxiety. Origami, I have learned, is an excellent way to balance the mind because it activates the entire brain when one is folding.

Origami is a brain massage!

Its effect helps greatly to re-balance my mind and cultivate a more peaceful inner space.

I practiced making my first crane with proper origami paper. When I felt confident with that, I decided to take it outside-the-box. I folded some sketchbook paper so I could paint it afterwards. I'm a fan of Pysanka (Ukrainian egg painting) so I approached this painted crane in a similar fashion. The paper was much thicker so it was hard to get those clean and crisp lines. It was a lot of fun combining the two skills!

Thanks to Jon for putting together a very thorough and lighthearted set of videos. I look forward to more folding!



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