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Paint your menu

Hi all, I am very new to hand-lettering as well as digital lettering and am very happy to be part of this worldwide classroom. 
What I chose to work on, is a piece I planned for my current dream-hobby, which is sign painting. 
I have a day job here in Berlin selling italian products in a Farmer's Market and, as we cook fresh pasta, I have to paint a weekly menu. This is how I began with lettering and how I started falling in love with it. 

I soon decided to start proposing restaurants my services in painting their blackboards, thinking of it as a great lettering exercise. 

This project is supposed to be my presentation card. 

Wishing you all a great time and looking forward to the critique


PHOTOSHOP – Work in progress

1) Scanned Sketch:

2) Getting the project started on Ps:

3) Coloring work in progress: Here I started blocking in the colors, none of them are settled yet. When I do digital coloring I usually give every part of the drawing a starting color, in order to have always in mind how the color combination should be and which direction should the further steps take.

Now, well, I jumped to illustrator before completing the photoshop work, so for the moment I will post the steps of the realization of a vector version of my sketch.

ILLUSTRATOR – Work in progress:

1) Transforming the sketch into vectors:


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