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Paint what you see - Intro to Digital Painting

I chose this picture of a Persian cat because I think they're the most beautiful cats and I always wanted one. I found the picture in

I didn't realise until I started painting that the fur was going to be a problem. Since it was my first attempt in painting in photoshop and also drawing with a tablet, I found it really hard to draw and paint. I found it even harder to show the differences between the white fur on the front of the picture and the darker kind of grey looking fur at the back. I also found it difficult drawing the background because of all the folds. I really should have chosen an easier image. Nevertheless, I am quite happy with the outcome.

Ina Tsetsova's videos were very helpful and I tried to follow most of her steps and advice (I got a little bit confused,too many things to learn) 

I used the photobucket tool to make the background grey.Then I used a thick brush to paint the outline of the cat white.I kept reducing and increasing the thickness of the brush to make the fur look more like real fur. I tried to use different brushes and experiment.

I tried to use different shades of brown and grey for the background and added black lines for the folds but 

I just couldn't make it look like the original background so I gave up.

I'm not happy with it but I adjusted the levels and I think it looks a little bit better now.

I know this isn't part of the project but I painted the background black just to see what it looks like.

Then I adjusted the levels 

This class was very helpful,I'll definitely watch those videos again and learn how to paint digitally.


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