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Painful Memories

This is one memory that influenced my outlook on life.

When I was 5,  I would sit really close to the TV set. Like right up close, sitting indian style. So close that I would press my face against the screen and look at the little green, blue and red dots that made up the picture tube. Sometimes I would even get a static shock. Finally after realizing I always sat too close, my parents made an appointment at the Optometrist for me. When the doctor put drops in my eyes to make them dialate, it was the most terrible thing ever. My eyes hurt and everyting was way too bright. The doctor handed my mom a slip of paper with my prescription while I was given a pair of dark celluloid glasses to protect my eyes. I was crying because the glasses were ill fitting and uncomfortable. In the car, I was so upset I bit a hole in the soft dashboard of our car, cleverly covering it up with my rain boots.


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