Painesville, OH

I've never been great at drawing so bear with me.

I'm designing a logo for the town I grew up in. It's a lot more special to me than any of the cities I've lived in since then and it's gone through a big revitalization over the past few years. It's historic, family oriented, multicultural, old timey, and natural. 

The main street in town looks nearly the same as it did 100 years ago. A row of shops in old style architecture. I added an old timey car (a VW Beetle that I happen to drive) to drive home the historic feel.

This one is rough, but it highlights the iconic courthouse in downtown Painesville.

This is a simple one, but I like that it ties in Ohio.

Here's a far out one. This highlights what me and my friends spent our childhood doing - skating downtown. Painvesville was great for skaters. Still is.


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