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Pain de Famille

UPDATE 18 June

Bit of a delay posting as my wife and I have just had a baby late last week! But here are some sketched concept/layouts, still a bit rough, but coalescing I think into something more tangible.

I've found myself visualising labels and letters and how to fit them all togther in any spare moments, that's got a be a good sign.

Looking forward to any comments on my direction. Any advice, hints or tips greatly received.


UPDATE 11 June

I'm still working up some sketches but thought it worthwhile to update my project with some roughs to gain some feedback and direction from the peer review.

As I said they're roughs but hopefully heading in the right direction

First up some real loose layouts I was was pondering on as I was drifting off to sleep and had to get up to rough out the other night…

and some more honed sketches refining the layouts/thoughts…

The design will be reproduced with an ink stamp, I'm unsure whether I'll reverse it out. But in all instances the circle element will be a seperate stamp in a contrasting colour denoting the style of bread.

I look forward to reading any thoughts that you'd like to share




I love my job but being a graphic designer I rarely get to make anything by hand and over the last three years I've become increasingly obsessed with making bread, specifically sourdough bread to sate my need to create something physical. 

After working on what are essentially virtual objects all day I come home and make a loaf of sourdough. Typically the process takes around 24hrs from the first step to a loaf coming out of the oven.

It's amazing that something as simple as mixing flour, water and salt is so infinetly variable, is always a challenge but ultimately so very satisfying. I'm always striving to create the perfect loaf.

I'm hoping to start a subscription bakery in the next couple of months and in my daydreams I dream it will turn into my next career path.

It's going to be called Pain de Famille which means family bread (everything sounds cooler in French) I'll be producing small quantities of hand made, artisanal sourdough (that's one of my loaves at the top of the mood board). The ingredients will be organic and of the highest quality. There will be no additives or preservatives used (check out what's in your everyday loaf - you'll be shocked) When I think of what I want my bread to embody I think of craft - using skills nearly lost due to the mechanical way most bread is now made and quality through the ingredients used. This will be bread to share with family and friends. Bread you dream of.

Mood Board
I've gone a little crazy it seems with working up a mood board. But like Jon says in the phase 1 notes 'let your mind wander… get lost in the creative stuff' So it looks like I've plenty of source material to work with.

Process wise I'm thinking the label will be created by stamp onto the brown paper bags the bread will be sold in. I love the idea in the video of having a common label/logo across all products and then having a detail stamp to identify the specific product in an accent colour.

Right where's my sketch book…


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