Paige & Ollie

Paige & Ollie - student project

Thanks for a wonderful class!  I have been using Procreate to create textures that I then use in Photoshop, but have never thought to use them in Illustrator.  These techniques will come in very handy when I need a vector illustration, so thank you!


My initial sketch in Procreate and then vector in Illustrator...

Paige & Ollie - image 1 - student project


My colours...

These are a subset of a palette I use all the time.  I probably should branch out a bit! :-) 

Paige & Ollie - image 2 - student project


Final Artwork and Patterns

Paige & Ollie - image 3 - student project

Paige & Ollie - image 4 - student project


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