Pagefire - student project

I watched your Skillshare course a few months ago and in just a few weeks, our channel got picked by the algorithm. So I just wanted to pop in to say thanks Jazza, but I'm also looking for feedback on our channel. Our main goal on this channel is to make the content we want to see on YouTube, but also create content people can laugh and learn with.


We got a few different video series. Our 2 main series are:

'Andri's Guide to Music Genres' where I show people how to make music in genres most people don't know about. It's both a tutorial on the genre and an educational/comedic look at the tropes surrounding it. 

'Book reviews with Andreas' where Andreas talks about his opinions on literature. They tend to be around 10 min, but sometimes we do a series that lasts around 30+ min.

Then we have smaller videos that aren't heavy on the editing. Movie reviews, Literature Lecture on a Budget, VST Quickie, The Reboot Show & Film Forge.


Our channel exploded thanks to the Genre Guide videos, some are getting over a thousand views, while our other stuff barely goes over 1,000. I would very much like feedback on if we should only focus on our 2 main series, but keep doing these smaller videos. Since it takes forever to film, score and edit our main series. 

Either way, any feedback is appreciated.