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"Pafo" the Ice Cream Basket

I really love Jonathan's illlustration style. I dont remember where but I had seen it before. So when I stumbled uppen this class I jumped right away to learn anything that I could for this project.

First I did my rough sketch. I liked the idea of working with ice cream but since a reaaaally love ice cream I normally buy a basket. You know more security for having balanced the scopes and not risking letting fall anything.


Then I just took a photograph with my smartphone since I don't have a scanner. Doing this has done the trick with other work where I need to bring to digital format sketches or drawings. You just need to have good lighting and take the picture un a completely right angle. 90°.

Then I proceeded to begin with the tracing of my sketch. Here I got a little excited and forgot to take a screenshot before this step. As you can see I already have made the rough trace of the basket and began with the first ice cream scope.


At first when doing the highlights and shadow it may seem awkward. I felt like I was working with MS clipart on PowePoint or something like that. When you're so close of the piece it just doesn't seems right. But when you zoom out and begin to see the whole picture, things begin to fall into place and it makes much more sense. 

I worked in Adobe Illustrator and fortunately it has everything which Jonathan used for every step. To be able to have everything in order I worked each step in a separate layer:



When I had finished my scope I copied every element and pasted everything in a new layer (up there you can see it as "Capa 8"). Then it was much easier for me to just group everything and begin to arrange the composition.


Once I had arranged all my scopes, I turned my attention to the basket. The tricky part began

I added the highlighted parts to try to add depth to the basket. I'm not sure if I succeed at this. Also I couldn't think of another way to do this. Playing with shades bacame tricky.



Then I proceeded to the face details:


Again, this proved tricky since the mouth is supposed to be in the round part of the "folds" of the basket. I opted to do rectangular eyes.

Then it was kinda easy finish "Pafo". Oh I almost forgot. It is named "Pafo" because when I showed my girfriend my rough sketch she tried to say it seemed worried ("Preocupado" in spanish) but toungue tripped and said "PreocuPAFO". So it was a no brainer to name this weird guy "Pafo" and adding a funny spanish speaking anecdote. Ok enough of my silliness. Moving on.

This is my finished "basket" man:


So there it is, "Pafo". As you can see I didn't added texture to the basket. I was beginning to get tired and if texture to a spheric object can prove to be difficult (just a little) working with the god-only-knows-what style of shape just was gonna drive me nuts.

So technically I could have called it a day and rest for my great and awesome work (Hey if not me who's gonna praise me?? :P JK) ... yeah right.

I felt that just doing Pafo was too little and decided to have him in an adventure. Maybe not the best idea.

I thought that maybe having him being chased by a huge evil spoon would do the trick. So voilaaa!!!!


I know I know... I messed it up biiiiig time. After this I realized I should have stopped when I finished Pafo, or at least rested a couple of hours. That weird thing you can see at your left is suppossed to be a spoon. I wasn't satisfied with how it came but couldn't find what it looked like. Then my girlfriend hit the nail. "It looks like a sperm honey". O___O That's was when I knew that I had to let the fever from the flu heal before starting this project. XD

Anyway, obviosly I have a lot of work to do to master non geometric shapes. But I learned a lot with the other steps. And FINALLY I managed to finish a whole assignment on Skillshare. 

So here I am beated by the flu but very happy for having learned more than I could ask from this project and amused looking to all the interesting projects. I appreciate any comment, good or bad and I hope to continue learning from all you guys!!! Looking forward for Jonathan's next course!! 



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