Tracey Gobey

Owner and Curator at Love my Postie



Paddocks of Kurrajong: A patchwork of an Australian farm

Kurrajong is an Australian sheep and cattle farm about four hours from where we live. "We" is myself, my husband and our pup, Wentworth. 

Kurrajong is a place that is very special to us. We go there whenever we can. To escape the city. To breath in the fresh air. To drink in the expansive views. And to get back to nature. The pup especially loves to run and run and run.

It's a place with lots of PADDOCKS. And like many places in the country, the naming of each paddock is always original, always unique, sometimes quirky, and always has a backstory. 

That's why, for my map, I want to record the paddocks that make up the patchwork of Kurrajong and tell the story of its history.


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