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Paddle Your Own Canoe

I've choosen Paddle Your Own Canoe, Nick Offerman's new book. Nick's Offerman has a great out look on life, and this book tries to capture it.

A lot of the book is about working hard, loving what you do, the people around you, and you won't need any more then that to be happy.

Some of my thoughs as I was reading his book. 

One the first things he designed himself was a deck, that had some inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright's stain glass. 

I started playing around with

  • Trying some mission style curves and lines on the descender and the bowl
  • making connection points of the bowl joints (such as dove tails)
  • making the decender a paddle
  • sketching some FLW stainglass outlines
  • trying some curly cues to look like wood shavings from planing (this needs a bit of work)


  • I tried some more wood joints. I'm not sure if I like how it's working.
  • I rried making some terminals that look like the ends of arms on antique furniture.
  • Overlaid some FLW patterns. I'm not super pleased with how that looks. It could work maybe if it is lightly over laid.
  • Offerman's makes a lot of tables out of huge pieces of wood. He mentions in the book that he takes a lot of inspiration from George Nakashima who does that same to create unique furnitire. So I tried the technique Jessica show about building a shape and then trying to form it into something.That idea could work, but my first attempt just looks like slime.
  • Then I did a quick sketch of a cross sction of a tree which, I like and I think could work. I just need to find a letter form that i strong enough.



I tried one that has a Greene and Green Influneced P that is joined with their style of joinery.

I tried another version of the P in the wood log. I like the log idea, I'm not crazy about the P. But that can be changed.

Dec 28th, Update

Here's two variations I think I like the white background.


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