Packaging design for kitchen scissors

Packaging design for kitchen scissors   - student project


This is actually a real project I'm doing for my client, who is at the beginning of his e-commerce business. The thing is- I'm at the beginning too. This is my first packaging ever!

I have two year experience with logo design and branding, and your lesson came just on time to inspire me and show me some guides how to do it properly.

The implementation of this lesson  

Packaging design for kitchen scissors   - image 1 - student project

Client wanted simple box with a striking design, so my focus will be on graphical elements, but before that I had to lay it all out and make it clear for him how the box will look.

Inside the box I had to put three kitchen items that he will sell, so first I sketched how they will be positioned and later I developed the whole box.

Too bad I don't have a scanner to make the pics look more presentable, but still, client was quite happy to see something like this. The open view, closed and exploded view, it's all here, so he now understands and agrees on how the box will look. 

Additional sketches

Except the box packaging sketches I made some additional ones for the logo placement as well as pattern for the base that I made.

Packaging design for kitchen scissors   - image 2 - student project

We are still in the process on working on it, but I am really happy with the direction this is going, and I hope after this I will have enough confidence to make even more complex packaging.  

Thank you Evelio for this free course!!