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After watching this class I had an idea...rather than have little labels to tape or stickers, how bout a stamp? I had always wanted to make a stamp and in creating this brand, I wanted to make something unique for the packaging. I'm a sucker for cool packaging. So it felt natural to take the lessons and tips here and apply them to creating a stamp that I could punch all over packaging like a good ol' passport.


I created some quick sketches and got right to work on the computer when I saw something I liked. I played with the idea of a skyline in different layouts. One sketch even took breaking up my logo by zooming in on it and using the circle to cut it off. That didn't fly well with me. But that little guy at the top right?--he spoke loudest. Normally, I fill pages up with little thumbnail sketches and dupes, but I felt confident in these initial sketches that I took to the computer rather quickly with that one.


Now this is where I started dupin' (god, I love that word!). I've always been a fan of non-destructive editing (like in Lightroom) and so when I first found Aaron employs the same technique I've been using since forever ago, I felt refreshed that I was on to something working like this. Except now I keep it all on one big artboard rather than a new layer for every new idea/tweak.. I played with some other square ideas while in this stage; sometimes ideas spark outside of sketching that don't fit your initial idea. Although it didn't make the cut, I did use that top rectangle graphic for some flyers. It's important to keep all this stuff laying around, you never know where it can be used later. 



After tightening up my idea, I spent some time figuring out which slogan I wanted to include in the design. I had one shot at this really so I wanted to be sure I picked something that represented the brand as a whole and would stand the test of time. I picked my final design and sent it off to be made. Upon the suggestion of the stamp-maker, I inverted the colors for a clearer stamp. After a few days, this little sucker came in the mail and I'm happy as hell to have this thing done and looking so damn clean.


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