'It's down in my car, I'll be right back.' 

Kendra did not leave it in her car. In fact, she had no idea where she left the very important paperwork her boss needed to close a very important deal. As she turned to head out the door, the blood left her face and terror replaced it.

'You ok?' Jeff said, 'You look like your going to hurl. What's up?'

'Mr. Peterson is going to loose his shit when he finds out I lost the proposal, it was nice knowing you.' Kendra couldn't believe what she had done. 'I was so careful. When I went to bed last night I put the folder in my car to not for get it. When I got to work I made sure to put it on my desk. Even when I went to get coffee I-' she gasped so loud that Jeff gasped too. 'I know where it is! I left it it the break room, oh thank goodness. Jeff you're a life saver!' She ran off towards the break room.

'You're welcome?' Jeff shook his head, bewildered.