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Pacific Northwest Surface Pattern


I'd love to make a design that is inspired by where I live. Though I've only lived here for a couple years, the Pacific Northwest is my home and has a special place in my heart. I made a simple inspiration board. I'm thinking there will be pine cones, ferns, evergreens, wild flowers, moss, wild mushrooms, wild berries... Probably a rain pattern too? Just these simple things that I see everyday here!


Phew, I almost had a heart attack yesterday! I made a mistake of not saving my file often enough, so when Illustrator crashed I actually lost some digitized sketches.

Anywho, not having an iPad nor a graphic tablet, I use my good ol' mouse to digitize my sketches by tracing the sketches using either the brush tool or the blob brush tool. I find this a little tricky to do with a mouse, so I just took my sweet time.

So, I might make another pattern, but this is the pattern that I just tried today using whatever digitized sketches that was left. It feels pretty christmas-y, don't you think? 


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