Pacific NW Stormy Day

Pacific NW Stormy Day - student project

I loved the "Watercolor Your World" class! It was inspiring to learn all the tips and tricks from Rosalie about composition and working with small lines and dots while creating layers. This class has helped me work more efficiently in my watercolor journals. 

I had to work quickly on this painting because the weather was windy, and it actually started raining before I was done, so I packed up and finished it in the truck where it was warm and dry :} I take photos, but I'm rarely as inspired to work from a photo. I love to be outside in the elements!

Have you ever noticed when looking back at your journals you can remember the entire scene even though you may not have included all of the detals? That is why I love working with my plein-air journals so much. They tell a great story. 

Pacific NW Stormy Day - image 1 - student projectPacific NW Stormy Day - image 2 - student project

Another location on the PNW. Nehalem Bay - My favorite spot to reflect and enjoy the view. 

Pacific NW Stormy Day - image 3 - student projectPacific NW Stormy Day - image 4 - student project