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Pacific KissMes | Brand Identity

Hi classmates! I'm new to logo and brand identity so I hope I can get some good feedback. I'm an illustrator/animator but I'm diving in to graphic design more recently, and helping friends out with doing logos for their blogs/fan sites, so any help/advice on my project is much appreciated!

1.1 Creative Brief


• Pacific KissMes is an international fanclub for South Korean boy group U-KISS (Ubiquitious Korean International idol Super Star) based in Los Angeles, CA. They are currently without a consistent logo/brand identity.

• PKM wants to solidify a logo/brand identity so they can start to advertise and grow to be one of the main fanclubs in America to represent U-KISS fans at U.S. Kpop events/gatherings/conventions.

• Kpop fans primarily female but also male ages 14-25.

• Pacific KissMe is a group of KissMe fans from the pacific coast, who represents UKISS for concerts and events. Whenever UKISS is in town, it is our duty to come together and collaborate to make their time here memorable. It is also a group that unites all KissMe from around the world, and is NOT closed off just for pacific coast residents.

• No competitors, but other U-KISS international fanclubs exist. (Rocketboxxx, Fuck Yeah UKISS, etc)

• New fanclub for U-KISS based in the U.S.
• Admins are active in the fandom and very passionate in supporting the boys.
• Many new fans have joined/become friends via the concerts so there are personal connections between lots of Pacific KissMe members
• Currently planning booths and or event projects for 2014 Kpop events (KPOP CON, KCON, potential U-KISS concert in June)

• Logo will be used for SNS outlets & should translate and different sizes
• Stay with warm romantic color palettes: pink, red, purples
• Logo should have a strong silhouette for printing on t-shirts, banners, stickers and various merchandise
• Possible shapes to incorporate: kiss marks, lips, hearts, circles

• Friendly
• Sweet
• Passionate
• Caring
• Playful

1.2 Mood Board

2.1 Color Palettes

2.2 Logo Color Test
I developed 3 types of logos for Pacific KissMes to choose from since the plain text would work best for banners and other printed media while the lip focused would work for buttons/stickers/SNS icons.

2.3 Final Color Palette
I ended up going with the a series of pinks as it fits best with the lips logo design and U-KISS' official fanclub color is a similar pink. Plus a deeper hot pink for darker accents when I don't want to go straight black for future website usage.

3.1 Typography (Primary & Supporting Typefaces)
Expletive Deleted is used just for the logo since it's too eccentric for actual content/reading purposes. I was torn on doing strictly just san serif fonts I found on Google Fonts but I like the way Alef Bold and Istok Web worked together.

4.1 Graphic Language Board
I decided to keep with the theme of hearts and lips as they're common shapes used to represent U-KISS. The PKM lips will be used for watermarking purposes and potentially SNS icons depending on the size needs. I also liked the idea of using pink waves potentially as a divider on a website or business cards to represent Pacific aspect of the club. Other tiles and patterns would work well for printed media, website backgrounds or even stickers. 

5.1 Presentation
I ended up switching out one of the fonts and added another in for the secondary logo. Not 100% pleased with the outcome but practice makes perfect.


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