Pacific Calm

Pacific Calm - student project

One of the projects from the course. the designing a logo for a client. Pacific Calm - image 1 - student projectSome sketches to come up with a logo design, playing around with waves, lotus, yoga and hearts.


Pacific Calm - image 2 - student projectI used two colours, one more blue to represent their location and one more green to represent the promotion of health club aspect. both are light and calming colours, leaning towards pastel variety for femininity.


logo is based on the lotus plant as it is representative of purity and self-regeneration, as well as the dots and heart to hint at the yogo pose usually used for meditation and relaxing. though i feel it doesnt fully come across as much as i hoped. 


as for typograpghy i used Great Vibes font for the companies name, feeling it was elegant and wavey script that feels flexable. 

It's then balenced out by Hui Font for the tagline, a simple san serif that is easy to read but still fitting the flexible vibe. 

Sharleigh Coppard
Feline Productive