Pacific Calm - logo design

Pacific Calm - logo design - student project



Just finish another logo design project. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!  

I spent quite a lot of time playing with the negative space to shape the letter P but didn't end up very well. Then I started a random sketch. The random sketch accidentally helped me come up with something I like.


Using the golden ratio to create shape is hard for me because after I use the shape builder tool to build close shapes, some curves are not smooth enough even after adjusting. Retracing the whole shape could be tricky and time-consuming as well. I definitely need more practicing on using illustrator.


The silhouette of the logo didn't look well at the beginning but I didn't notice it until I made all colors to white. Then I spent lots of time editing the silhouette. In the future, I should frequently check the silhouette to make sure the whole logo looks balanced.  


Pacific Calm - logo design - image 1 - student project

Pacific Calm - logo design - image 2 - student project


Pacific Calm - logo design - image 3 - student project


Hi Lindsay, 

I really like how comprehensive and practical this class is. I have been watching all the videos a few weeks ago. I found out it took me a long time to create my own logo design even though my final design turns out very simple. I think the hardest part is the brainstorming stage. Also creating certain shapes to connect with some lines perfectly also gives me a hard time. I posted my project. hopefully, I can get some comments from you. Thank you so much!!!

Pacific Calm - logo design - image 4 - student project