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RaShaun Burgess

Owner/Creator of Purple & Chrome



PURPLE & CHROME - Never Trade Your Soul

My name is RaShaun and I am the creator/owner of Purple & Chrome.  Purple & Chrome (a "Mindstyle" clothing brand: more on that later) is all about challenging everything, question everything.  It's sort of rebellious but not in the traditional lack of respect for authority sense of rebellious.  Its more so rebellious in the sense of challenging the status quo, questioning the answers that we were always told not to question.  Thinking for ourselves. Finding your own answers to your own questions. And doing this is what allows us to never trade our soul.  This is what Purple & Chrome is all about!


Tagline: Never Trade Your Soul (NTYS)

About: Purple:  Loving life and everything in it.

Chrome:  Being strong and tough enough to deal with the ills, contradictions, and bullshit that comes along with it.

Never Trade Your Soul:  All at the same time being yourself and never changing for anybody or anything.  Challenge everything!  Question everything!  Find your own answers to your own questions.

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Some Designs

Tee - MLK "Dream Arrested"

- For reasons external and internal/ through outside forces as well as our self imposed obstacles our dreams are often arrested.  MLK is the foremost example of someone being strong enough to deal with the ills of life (CHROME) while remaining true to himself pushing towards a DREAM!

Tee - Jesus Piece "Find Your Own Answers"

 - Philosophy... questions that might never be answered/ religion... answers that must never be questioned.  I think religion is a mental and spiritual crutch for people as all life's questions are supposedly answered so there isn't the need to search for more.  People get mentally lazy.  Purple & Chrome believes things including religion should be questioned.  Don't take the answers given to us for rule.  Lets find our own answers to our own questions.  This holds particularly true for me as like many people I grew up in the church.  But things never quite added up to me.  I had to unfollow my parents' religion and be my own leader on my own path; see what I believed for myself.

Tee - "True Religion"

- Spread Peace and Love.  Get Money and Respect.  That's My Religion.  This is something that I had to realize for myself by finding my own answers to my own questions.  Never Trade Your Soul.

Tee - Peace + Love = Purple & Chrome

Baseball Tee - P&C NTYS emblem

Hoodie - Logo hoodie

Crewneck Sweatshirt - NTYS

- People often trade their soul for the attention of the opposite sex.  Never Trade Your Soul not even for "her".  

Varsity Jacket

NTYS Beanie


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