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RaShaun Burgess

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Hello all... Let me introduce myself and the brand. My name is RaShaun Burgess and I am the Creator/Owner of PURPLE & CHROME (www.purpleandchrome.com). PURPLE & CHROME is a NY based streetwear brand with a rebellious f*uck the system/status quo attitude. No we are not rebeliious in the physical sense but rebellious in our mentality and philosophy. We believe you should question everything... challenge everything... Never changing for anything or anyone, Never Trading Your Soul.


Jeff... as you said in your video, the tshirt leads the way in that the tshirt doesn't follow behind fashion rather fashion is following the direction of the tshirt. We believe that too! Although as of late, "dark fashion" has been influencing the tshirt to become simple and plain with no graphic at all. I think things need to get back to how it is suppose to be. The Tshirt, being a canvas, was/is the medium for the artist to communicate his/her ideas to the world. It was and is a voice of the people. PURPLE & CHROME Clothing is taking it back with current aesthetic. We question and challenge real topics like government, religion, and life. ...One of our quotes that we use a lot is:

"What does government, religion, and life have in common? Half the truth if they tell it. PURPLE & CHROME... Never Trade Your Soul." - RaShaun Burgess

To you reading this, thank you for allowing me to introduce myself and the brand. I can't wait to see all of the dope projects and I look forward to an opportunity to build with you. To get to know the brand more please see our mantra, mission statement, and what we are about below. This may be a bit prematute but I would like to invite everyone participating in this class, Jeff you included, to an opening I am having for the brand on December 12. I've put the invite below so you can get all of the needed information. And I hope to see everyone there so we can continue to build and network further after and outside of this class.


N.ever T.rade Y.our S.oul

Mission Statement:

PURPLE & CHROME is a streetwear clothing company
that embodies the true essence of streetwear.
Unlike [enter your favorite brand] we are not here to “change the game of fashion with
unique, high fashion style and design” …whatever that means.
We are here to express the greater consciousness of the people!
PURPLE & CHROME is our form of expression.
Many people write poetry, some paint pictures, and others sing songs. We… make clothing.


Purple: Loving life and everything in it.

Chrome: Being strong and tough enough to deal with the ills, contradictions, and bullshit that comes along with it.

Never Trade Your Soul: At the same time being yourself and never changing for anybody or anything.Challenge everything!  Question everything! Never Trade Your Soul.

UPDATE: 12/16/15 (TEE SUBMISSION) - A couple of pics from the event showing the final design on a hoodie








DELIVERABLE: Photo of tshirt and concept


Note: For this class I am using a tshirt design I did for this fall winter 15' season. This tshirt illustrate the counter culture mentality and philosophy of the brand and quintessentially shows what the brand is about.

Piece: Original Gangster (OG)

Print: 2 color waterbased print

Tee: 100% ringspun and combed cotton / 4.2 oz

Finishing: Tagless tag screenprinted in neck, hem tag w/ logos on lower left hem


Close up of design:



Religion has been one of if not the main tool used by the system to control the people. Through brainwashing and fear religion has been controlling us for centuries. People have killed in the name of religion (the crusades, discovering America, slavery, just to name a few historical accounts). This in of itself speaks to the OG design as Christ, being the essential poster boy for religion, can be seen as a gangster in the way just described. But a point more nuanced is that religion has been killing people mentally in the sense that religion teaches the masses to pray to GOD, put things in "his" hands, and continue to spread the message to others like robots programming other robots. This idea of praying to GOD and putting things in his hands has made people mentally lethargic as if the power to change our lives and others are not in our own hands. There isn't a need to think for yourself when someone has already outlined your very existence and told you how/what to think. This here speaks to religion being the original gangster killing the people.

Now... Because this is art and art is subjective, someone else seeing this design may have a totally different take on it. Some will see this as Christ/God killing evil and/or the devil. Whatever your personal beliefs are you will interpret this piece of art in a way that is in alignment with said beliefs. That is the wonderful thing about art and why the cliche is so cliche... art imitates life. Our thoughts and beliefs shape the way we "see".

As I mentioned above this tee is a quintessential piece illustrating what the brand is about. We hope that people will see this and say "hmmm...interesting." When people buy a PURPLE & CHROME design we know that they like the aesthetic yes. But more so we realize that they are connecting with the messaging of the brand and that's what we aim to do; create thought provoking designs with dope aesthetics. Through this we can raise and express the consciousness of the people that say f*ck the system.

If you want to get to know the brand further and outside of this forum please connect with us by hitting us up on our brand channels.

website: http://purpleandchrome.com

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Purpleandchrome

twitter: https://twitter.com/purpleandchrome

instagram: http://instagram.com/purpleandchrome

google+: https://plus.google.com/+Purpleandchrome/posts

tumblr: http://purpleandchrome.tumblr.com/

vimeo: http://vimeo.com/purpleandchrome 

youtube: http://youtube.com/purpleandchrome


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