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I have been using LR for about a year now but kinda just taught myself so I didn't really know the fundamentals of the program.  I figured it out based on need but realized that there were probably a lot of little tricks that I was missing that would make my workflow more efficient. 

One of my clients is a non-profit clothing company called International Princess Project and they sell a pajama pant called "Punjammies."  They wanted to do a very casual lifestyle shoot with me but the turnaround time needed to be QUICK!  This was my first time working with catalogs and it was a relief to know how much I could categorize the shoot according to pant style/print.  

I also had no clue how to make my own preset.  I used to individually edit EVERY image that was in the same light.  It would be one thing to individually fine tune an image that was shot differently than everything else but to apply the same exposure and preset over and over again....time consuming.

These are some photos that I was able to edit with ease according to my new system.  I still don't get it completely but hopefully I will get the hang of it!



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