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Noel Bronson

Design Director




Name  & Location: Noel Bronson. Bronx, NY


Slogan: "Seems Youthful"

(Typical Adult: Why’d you choose that boy as your logo?                                                        

 Noel Bronson: It Seemed Youthful. )

What started as sarcastic joke and the designer’s issues with explaining himself soon became the selling point of the brand.

“Seems Youthful” is the mantra to all the ideals that started this brand.

As we’re forced to conform to society we are expected to think like an adult – which we interpret as having logical and constructed paradigms on how to think and live life. We believe that all people have a creative side that is associated with childlike qualities such as curiosity, open-mindedness, imagination, selfishness, spontaneity, adaptability and questioning the things presented to you. Delving into a routine life separates people from that side of the brain. When they tap into those qualities in approaching their work or passion, we find that there is not always a concrete answer for what is produced. Instead of always trying to limit or label the products of creativity in adolescent fashion our go to scapegoat is “Seems Youthful”.

Mission Statement:

" Pushing youth culture forward one good idea at a time. "

Puer’s mission is to turn the Peter Pan Syndrome on its head we believe that wandering curiosity and thinking outside the box are beneficial to all art forms. People have to grow up but we don’t believe they should lose those traits and we create pieces that capture youthful moments in pop culture and allow people to express them thorough our pieces. With this line we seek to bring back individuality against a growing idea of group think.


Coming Soon.


PUER’s logo “Athen” is a young boy featured in The School of Athens painting by Raphael. He represents the quintessential idea of Puer, that children or adults with childlike qualities are optimistic sponges.

In ancient Athens the purpose of educating young boys was to create philosophical thinkers who were not only intellectual but also well trained in the arts. These boys were expected to become citizens prepped for peace and war.

At the age of about 6 boys transitioned from learning at home to attending meetings with the males of the community where their subjects were aloud to them because books were a rarity due to their expense. The boys would have to memorize everything from the teachings of Homer to how to play the flute.

Athen is the embodiment of that little boy, intellectual and still finding his creative mind through the arts.


Logos scaled down on our promo buttons

Athen logo scaled for T shirt graphic.

Logos scaled up for  NYC billboard.



Our wordmark logo is PUER in a bold SANS SERIF font followed by a period and underline. The underline and period symbolize being straight to the point. No gimmick, no hype just pure: PUER.



Presented is the inaugural collection of Puer, I drew inspiration from my youth, which serves as a catapult of adolescent wonder juxtaposed with adult charm. The Spring Summer collection is a combination of a piqued curiosity, love for John Hughes films and the musings of Kurt Cobain's free-spirited nature - things that encompass the eternal boy.


Wholesale pricing for PUER. 1st season products

Retail pricing for our 1st season range from $40- $240. Our branding pieces make up the lower end of the pricing scale while cut & sewn units are at a higher mark up.  Targeted retailers will be smaller boutiques around the world.


We chose to brand this BMW coupe because, it seems youthful.

PUER. & KIA team up to produce very limited models of the KIA SOUL SUV featuring PUER Athen logo branding as well as the tromp l'oiel technique featured in PUER's 1st season.


Puer  \ˈpyü-är\ |pewAR|

Noun (pl. puers \ˈpyü-ärs\)

1.             [in sing.] a person who embodies vigor and youthfulness.

•               the state or quality of creative freedom, freshness.

•               the early stage in development before one loses their playfulness to the boxed in idea of adulthood.

[Treated as sing. or pl.] a creative majority considered as an open-minded group.


ORIGIN: Latin puer aeternus for eternal boy, used in mythology to designate a child-god who is forever young. The puer in Jungian psychology is an archetype of the basic wondering of the human psyche. Puers see the world as an adventurous wonderland independent of social norms.

 Puer by Noel Bronson is a brand started in New York City by a team of individuals who believe that growing up does not have to consist of the mundane idea of adulthood.

"A notable characteristic of creativity is its special amalgam of the childlike and the adult like. This amalgam can occur both in the sphere of personality and in the sphere of ideas. It can be more positively tinged (when the childlike feature is innocence or freshness) or more negatively tinged (when the childlike feature is selfishness or retaliation)" – Howard Gardener

Gardener and many other scientists have profiled creative geniuses from the likes of Sigmund Freud to Picasso to Charles Darwin and the childlike attributes they present in approach to their work.

We’ve noticed that all the studies regarding creativity and childlike behavior and qualities shows a positive link between the two things. Though we do not feel these qualities make people predisposed to success we thank they are very important. Childlike traits are not vital to creativity but they have to ability to enhance the work process. If we look at highly creative individuals who are childlike in approaching their lives (searching for simplicity, adapting to change, always looking for new adventure) we see people who produce fresh, innovative work.

Target Market/Costumer Profile



The Puer customer is designed to be forever youthful; he embodies the great words of Robert Kennedy, "This world demands the qualities of youth: not a time of life but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the life of ease." He strives for independence, and freedom; he fights to break boundaries, and tends to find any restriction intolerable.

Our target market will be a male from the age of 17-30 from larger cities with an educated sense of fashion. They are ether tastemakers or trendsetters and influence their peers.


Our ideal consumers are fans of street wear & contemporary brands like Supreme, Bee Line, Brian Wood, and Nike Sportswear. These brands similar to PUER have many street wear staple pieces such as graphic tops, but also contain unique cut & sew products. 

PUER. by Noel Bronson 

"We are new here"

 Spring/summer 2013 collection.






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