[PUBLISHED] ULTIMATE Weight Loss Hack - How To Feel Full While Dieting! (Part 2)

[PUBLISHED] ULTIMATE Weight Loss Hack - How To Feel Full While Dieting! (Part 2) - student project


This is class now LIVE :) : http://skl.sh/2epBoQJ


Hey everyone :)

I've already created and published part 1 of this class which went live a few days ago:  http://skl.sh/2epBoQJ

This is Part 2, the follow-up to that class:

Welcome back!

Now that we've gone over what exactly what this way of eating is and how to go about doing it, we need to cover some weight loss basics in order to ensure that you successfully keep yourself in a caloric deficit.  It is only when you sustain a caloric deficit over time that you ever lose weight, irregardless of what dieting strategy you implement!

Also, we are going to take a closer look at what particular health benefits you can expect and enjoy while implementing this way of eating....You'll be surprised to know just how many benefits there are, and one benefit in particular is quite counter-intuitive to what you would have expected.

Finally, we will look over a few of the common misconceptions and myths regarding this way of eating and set you up with a project which will allow you to begin practising this new way of eating and living as soon as tomorrow morning!

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