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[PUBLISHED] How to create beautiful Kokedamas

My class is now live! Hooray! I'd love it if you could enroll and let me know what you think? Thanks so much for all of your feedback so far :)

Here is my first intro video! So excited - please give it a watch and let me know what you think. Would absolutely love any feedback 

Here's my Video Outline. Would love your feedback!

Class Description:

Get ready to get your hands dirty and create your own beautiful Kokedama. Translated in English as 'Moss Ball', Kokedama is ancient Japanese garden art. Although these little guys have been around since the early 1400s they're making a big comeback as a unique way to display plants.

They're easy to customise and are perfect for brightening up your home and garden. Plus they make for awesome gifts.

In this class we will cover:

  • The art of making your own kokedama
  • How to suspend and hang your creations at home
  • Tips and tricks on maintaining your kokedama

At the end of the class you'll have created your very own Kokedama that you can either hang or display around your home. 


Project title: Small Kokedama

Project description:

Don't be decieved, although Kokedamas are beautiful they're actually super easy to make at home. Create your very own Moss Ball and practice the ancient Japanese art of Kokedama.

Material you’ll need to get started

  • Small plant of your choice (ferns and succulents are easy to get started with)
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Cotton
  • Soil
  • Twine

All of these materials can be found at hardware stores. 

Watch the videos and I'll step you through the process. I'd love to see your finished kokedamas, make sure you upload photos in the project gallery!

Does any one have any tips for getting people to upload projects? 


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