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PUBLISHED: Hip-Hop in Ableton Live: Sampling 101 DRAFT

Prep Day 1:

Did a ton of research regarding what students like and don't like about classes. I want to start this on the right foot. I got all of the graphics and copy in order today too


Day 2: Finished my outline and intro script. I've been using Trello to stay organized 


Days 3-4: Recording time! I used a combination of Screenflow for the screencaps and a Digital camera for the intro. After reviewing the footage, I decided to omit the "where to dig" segment as I didn't see it offering enough value to be worth the additional time. Where people choose to find samples should be a personal choice anyway in retrospect.

Days 5-6: Edit edit edit. In Screenflow I added text and cleaned transitions along with fixing audio issues. After exporting, I used Handbrake to lower the size of the files.

Day 7: PUBLISHED. I couldn't be more excited. Time to market!


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