PUBLISHED !!! Easy mini-pancakes in 5 minutes. For real

PUBLISHED !!! Easy mini-pancakes in 5 minutes. For real - student project

5 minutes of your time. 5 ingredients. Foolproof method. Infinite options. 30 second cleanup. Tools: a bowl, a fork and a frying pan.

Give yourself something special for breakfast on a rainy day. Impress your guests. Have an easy answer to munchies with an empty fridge! Unleash your creativity! Keep calm and reach culinary mastery today!

Published here:


  • Introduction: Why mini pancakes? Why not?!
  • 3 pillars of great mini pancakes:  taste, texture and timing
  • Texture: The ratio you can maintain even when you're drunk
  • Texture: Recipes are lame. What's the worst that can happen?
  • Texture: Liquid base - beer, yogurt , milk - you name it!
  • Taste: Sweet or savory, spicy or plain?
  • Very Berry pancakes because I'm filthy rich.
  • Apple Cinnamon pancakes because it's your birthday.
  • Salami and Chili pancakes for dinner when you're out of options.
  • Bonus: How to stay awesome in the kitchen
  • Sneak preview of my next class: Vegan Mini Pancakes


My sample video is here:

Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. I had no kitchen sink, no time and my place was a mess. I still made blueberry mini-pancakes in 5 minutes or so. 

Watch it here: