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PUBLISHED - Cooking for Beginners: Making Your First Meal from Scratch

My first class on Skillshare is going to be a cooking class. I learned to cook just before I had to move out from my parents, but I soon realised, that many people don't know how to cook a proper meal. This is why I'm going to show you. I'll teach how to prepare a chicken pineapple curry with rice. It'll be ready in twenty minutes, it doesn't require any special kitchen equipment and it doesn't need any special ingredients either. Fast and easy, that is the perfect recipe for a beginner.

If anyone wants to follow my whole journey as a new teacher on Skillshare, I've created a blog for it:

Update 23 August

Marketing the class is a lot harder than I thought. I've been struggling to reach my first 25 students so if anyone has any advise on how to do better, please let me know and help me out. Here are the links to my class again:

For premium users:

Free link:

Update 17 August

I've completed my class! Check it out through my enrollment links. If you sign up and leave a comment here below the class project with a free link to your class, I'll help you reach 25 students as well.

For premium users:

Free link:

Update 14 August

I barely had time to edit videos lately. But I did take care of some important paperwork with the self-employment government office in my country. If I didn't, I wouldn't be allowed to earn money on Skillshare. So at least, I can soon legally publish my class.

Update 09 August

It's been far too long since I updated here. Just to give some news to everybody, I'm now editing the videos. Part 2 is done and I'm working on part 3, which turns out a lot more complicated than I thought. There's a lot of cutting but I'm confident it's going to look good once it's done. I just need to figure out how to make the background sound less noisy in some places.

Since I'm still using Windows Movie Maker and it seems to be limited, does anyone have advise for a good free editing programm to use for Windows?

2nd Update 05 August

Oh my god, I look so wrinkled in the video! But here's the introduction video. I'd love to have some feedback.

Update 05 August

I have once again decided to change my cover image. The new one looks much nicer and more professional. I'm now working on the introduction video which I hope I'll get done today.

2nd Update 04 August:

I've outlined my class. Here's the link:

Update 04 August:

I've made my cover photo. I'm not quite happy with how it looks. If anyone has any advice on what to do with the text, please let me know. I think I would like for it to look a bit more fun. Do you think it's a good idea to include the chicken curry? Or should I maybe use a cooking stock photo and add text to that? I found a nice one with herbs and spices that I could try. The next problem is that it doesn't quite fit. I could solve that easily but I'm not quite happy with the photo yet.


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