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[PUBLISHED] Beginning Calligraphy with Inks and Watercolors



Below are my class outlines:-

Class Title :

Beginning Calligraphy with Inks and Watercolors

Class Description

Do you love Modern Calligraphy? Are you confused where to start your calligraphy journey and what tools you need to buy in order to start learning? Here is the perfect class for you!

Modern Calligrapher Mathi who is a left handed letterer, will be teaching you all the basic knowledge that you need to learn in order to be successful in Calligraphy world. She also going to share few wonderful project that you can create at the end of this class. She will be sharing with you all the lesson that she learnt while she going through the learning process, so that you wont repeat the same mistake again. It will enhance your skill and make you become a more skilled calligrapher in a short period of time.

Write your favorite names, quotes, birthday cards or even wedding invitations with this simple yet beautiful calligraphy letters. In this class you will learn :-

  • Basic tools for beginner calligrapher
  • A - Z, 0-9 and symbols with watercolor and inks
  • Practice few words to gain your confidence level
  • Tools care tips

Below are the three fun projects that she will be creating :-

  • Calligraphy Monograms


  • Watercolor wreath with your favorite quotes


  • Watercolor washed Place Card


As an extra bonus, she will teach you how to digitize your work to be printed out and framed on your wall. You can choose any of the projects or even better if you post all the three project and share it with other class members.So they can learn from you too :)

This class is perfect for beginners and even intermediate students who wants to drill their calligraphy basic skills.

No prior knowledge or experience required in order to join this class.

Milestone 3 : Click here to view my class outlines :)

Milestone 4 : Click below to view my Introduction Video :)



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