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[PUBLISHED] Beginning Calligraphy with Inks and Watercolor

1- Text- based teaser

*I can't upload video here, so I upload it in youtube and share the links here.

2- Introductory Video

3- Content of Pre-launch email

Hello my dear students,

I'm so excited to announce that my second Skillshare class will be live coming Sunday! Don't forget to check out my class :)

In this class I'm going to share with you all my tips and knowledge that I gain while I learn Modern Calligraphy. This class is for absolute beginners, if you are intermediate or advanced students, no problem you still can learn a lot in this class. I will introduce you all the basic tools, how to write numbers, alphabets and at the end of the class we will make 3 mini projects such as Calligraphy Monogram, Place cards and Watercolor Wreath. So stay tuned! 

Click here to view my Introductory Video

The class is published! Please check it out :


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