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[PUBLISHED] Alcohol marker basics: create flowers with 3 markers

Yes!! Made it in time for the july challenge. If you're interested here's a free link (there are a few spots left!) and the premium link to my class


Made the intro video today, please leave some feedback!

Got some feedback and I'll change to alcohol markers in general in stead of focussing only on copics. I'll be a little bit more specific about the copic and pro marker color system. 

An example of a finished illustration:


Class description:
Did you also fall in love with copic markers but are not sure where to start out? Or do you want to try a new medium? This class will learn you how to get started with just three markers. By the end of the class you will be able to make your own floral illustrations. 

What you can expect from this class:

  • Being able to figure out the copic coloring system
  • Choosing the right colors for your project
  • Picking the paper that suits your needs
  • Being able to blend in different ways

Don’t worry if you’re not experienced in drawing flowers. There are some resources and small lessons to help you out on that part. 

Project description:
Create a floral illustration with just three copic markers

Start a project and upload the following assignments. You can upload them as you work on your project. You don’t have to upload them all at once. For an example, check out the project that i uploaded.

  • The colors you picked
  • The paper you chose and why
    this can be helpful for your fellow students. Maybe you found a paper that they haven’ t heard of.
  • Blending exercises 
  • Reference material (if you used any reference)
  • The finished illustration 


  • flower reference
  • copic color wheel

You can find my video outline over here:




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