PUBLISHED: A Healthy Delicious Menu In 5 Steps

Hi everyone!

HERE is a link to my first Skillshare class - A Healthy Delicious Menu in 5 Steps.

I'm a 22 years old student who is really into healthy and active lifestyle, art and graphic design. I'm also pregnant with my first child and at the moment I have plenty of time. So... I decided to take part in Skillshare September Teaching Challenge. A Healthy Delicious Menu in 5 Steps is the result. I'm very happy to share with you my first class and a little bit of my everyday life. Hope you find it fun and useful.

About the class


A free PDF ebook with the recipes plus one bonus recipe is now available in the project section. A bonus recipe is included :)

Maketing Tactics

  • Pinning the class on my Pinterest boards
  • Making the class absolutely free since I am starting gather a community
  • Sharing the class on Facebook
  • Sharing the ebook online

My future plans

I'm really passionate about healthy eating and I love cooking this way. I love exploring food and finding happiness in giving my body (and my baby girl right now) the best. I want YOU to feel this way. And my future classes are just behind the corner!

Social Media

I'm a huge fan of Instagram -

You can also take a look at my artwork on Society6



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