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Stine Wiemann

Freelance Graphic Designer & Photographer



PUBLISHED! Top Tips on Selling at Art & Craft Shows

Hi everyone, I'm Stine. A Freelance Photographer & Graphic Designer based in Germany.

I have just started on my very first SkillShare Class on how to sell successfully on Art & Craft Shows - having 8 years of experience I would love to share some thoughts and help everyone out who loves to sell at Shows as much as I do.

The Project will be devided in three parts: The first Class covers the preparation phase in regards of what to pack, how to pack it and what to consider while choosing products to sell.

The second Class will be about how to set up your booth so that it's appealing to customers and what to think about while presenting your products and yourself to the public.

And finally the third class covers the "aftermath" of a Show like analyzing your sales, handling follow-up orders and preparing your next show.

Right now I'm in the middle of planning my slides for the first Class and getting my equipment ready - if you have any thoughts on my Project outline or the Class itself, please let me know. As a SkillShare newbie I'm glad to get feedback!

Edit: I have worked on my Class and updated my Outline because of Lyn Meredith's great comment - here's the new version:

Update - Sept. 14th:
Here's a link to my "Milestone 4" sample video:

I'm still working on my introduction since I don't want it to be a talking head only but add some videos. That's why the sample video is the third chapter that's the closest to done of all my films. Just let me know if that's not okay for the 4th milestone and I'll upload my unfinished intro video...

Update - Sept. 30th:

My Class is published now!
You can find it here:
Selling at Craft Shows I: Preparing a successful Show

I am already working on my second class in which I will talk about presenting your products in a way that's most appealing to customers, how to prize your goods and how to stay happy and healthy during a stressful show.

Thanks everyone for your comments, feedback and support!

- Stine -


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