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Rosely Rodriguez

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PUBLISHED! Minimalist/capsule wardrobe: the power of narrowing your choices

Hello everyone!

Class is finally published! Click here to sign up FOR FREE! Happy learning!

I'm very excited to finally accept the challenge and teach on Skillshare a lifestyle that has given me so many benefits.

My main goal is to fit all my responsibilities during the week so I have completely free weekends to explore and enjoy life. Since I created bucket list and my blog Weekendlust, a little more than a year ago, I'm constantly looking for ways to save time for my adventures in every aspect of my life, and having a capsule wardrobe is one of them. 

I hope you like the idea. Feedbacks will be highly appreciated.

Class tittle and description:

"Minimalist/Capsule Wardrobe: the power of narrowing your choices": In this course I'm planing to teach what a capsule wardrobe means, its history, the science behind it, the many ways you can benefits of having one, how to create it (from what to keep to where to buy), and students will be able to see living examples.

Project description: 

During the class I'll give a step by step guide on how to create a capsule wardrobe. For this project, students should be able to create their own and submit pictures of the result (before/after pictures). 

These projects should inspire the rest of the students to give the minimalist life a try.

Video lesson outline:

Click here to see this class video lessons outline.

Video Introduction:

Click here to see he introduction video of my class or just play below.


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