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PSU Think and Future State College

So PSU think is a project that my friend and his group started as a semester long project for a class. They want to create a online hub where people can share innovative ideas and inspire others. Already, they have gathered interest from New Leaf Initiative, Penn State's Lunar X Prize team, and many others. Personally, I LOVE this project and I want to help contribute to their success. Right now their website, looks modest, but I really think it can and should improve. Afterall, they want to create university wide change and so its design should reflect that. 

Right now, I am only in charge of designing, another online hub where State College citizens along with government officals gather together to discuss local issues and controversial projects. Its vision of State College is as grand as PSU think's and its success is really important for me. All in all, I want both projects to be successful and I hope that this lesson can help me accomplish that by designing rhetorically engaging websites. 


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