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PSLiveCaptureRemote (

We currently have image recording software called PSLiveCapture that runs on the mac. We want to list Macs on the network running PSLiveCapture to connect with, preview their streams (eye and scene), and command the selected Mac from an iPhone. 

The application will be very simple. It will have three views accessible via three tabs at the bottom of the app:

PSConnectView – this default view will consist of a TableView showing a list of available PSLiveCapture computers  obtained via a Bonjour network connection. There will a button (connectButton) that enables/disables the connection There will be one label (connectionStatusLabel) which indicates the status of the connection (connected / not connected ). 

PSStreamView – will show the streaming preview (eye top, scene bottom). This view will require a loop to grab the latest images and display them. 

PSCommandView – will allow you to send commands like start record, stop record, and pause. There will also be a commandStatusLabel showing the current status. - image 1 - student project