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Kevin Marable

Founder/CEO - The Prosper Company




Company: The Prosper Company, LLC

Location: Northern Virginia (DMV)

Brand Title: PROSPER®

Mission Statement: PROSPER® (PRSPR® for short) is a lifestyle brand designed with those in mind who desire to be successful in life no matter what it is that you strive to do or become.

Slogan: Success Is In You.

Founder: Kevin W. Marable

Founded: May 24, 2012

Operating As A Business Since: January 31, 2013


Email: [email protected]

Watch Prosper's Introductory Commercial:



Main Prosper Panda Logo & Silouhette Logo

Why I went with the Panda as my logo/mascot?

In Chinese culture, the Panda represents Peace and Prosperity or Good Fortune. I took the word Prosperity and shortened it to just "Prosper" and then gave the Panda a top hat, bowtie, and cane to further implicate the meaning of him "looking" successful.

Secondary Prosper Logo

Why The Secondary Prosper Logo?

I made a concious decision in the beginning that my brand needed two logos to represent it because my end goal is to develop a brand that can appeal to the masses. With that being said, not every shirt or accesory is going to look right with the panda logo attached. So I wanted a symbol that looked clean and universal that could also resonate "Prosper" when you see it if the Panda wasn't included.

LOOKS (Winter 2013 - Current)

You Can View A Lot More Pics Of Customers Wearing My Line On The #ProsperNation Wall!

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