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PROJECT: Simplify


So here I am, a self proclaimed procrastinator. I am notorious for being late and procrastinate. I am that girl who thinks she can "do it all." I suffer the consequences of being "busy" and "overwhelmed." I know now that its all crap, and I just don't know how to prioritize.

It wasn't until I landed a six figure paying job 5 years ago, where I learned the hard way that I needed to learn the art of prioritizing. Prior to that, that word was foreign to me. How the [email protected] did i get though school and get 2 college degrees, start 2 businesses, etc? It's beyond me.  So at now 37, a new mom of a 1 year old, homeowner, and small business owner...I still struggle daily to get my shit together. 

if I don't come up with a system that works, my husband will eventually walk out the door, I will regret not being more present with my son, and my 2 businesses will never become successful and profitable. I'm exhausted from being unorganized. 


my progress as of today:

-watched phase 1&2

-downloaded Evernote and web clipper on my pc

-i have Evernote on my iPad mini (haven't used it in over a year)

-in process of cleaning up email inbox. 

-use traditional notebook (WORD NOTEBOOK bullet system), for my listamania. I have gone through and listed as much as I couldn't to date if everything I need to do. And I add on every time a new task comes up. 

-I have tried digital task managers in the past and never been successful at maintaining it and revisiting it frequently to get things done.


I downloaded Wanderlist on my PC and on my Ipad. Wish me luck on figuring out how this is works with Evernote. Revisiting phase 1 & 2 videos to start my workflow.


I have been using Wanderlist pretty religiously to record every open loop that pops in my brain. And im loving it. I have also been working on organizing my evernote on my ipad and pc. im still getting used to it. i get confused on how to organize it so ive been going back and forth on the videos. i think its because i'm going days without working on my workflow project, so i forget what the video advises. so i will work on this.

ive reorganized my physical container for things im working on. i actually use the same container that i use for my "inbox' aka mail station according to the blog i found this system on. its really working so im adding folders for open projects also found in evernote. im realling loving it:

Im definitely feeling a bit more organized that normal, more calm, and a little more in control. just need to work on picking the top 2-3 things to get done per day and not expecting myself to always "do it all."


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