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PROJECT SAMURAI // Personal Branding Website | David Martinez, Network Engineer

PERSONAL BRANDING WEBSITE PROJECT // David Martinez | Network Operations Engineer

This project started out as a way to channel my creativity and aptitude for design and technology, especially as an outlet during a challenging time in my career. Our corporate office made the decision to outsource IT Operations to an external service provider. This meant that my job would either be changing to new management or my role would become redundant. As such, I decided to ensure that my particular brand of expertise and experience should be fleshed-out to its fullest potential. Never hurts to hedge your bets, as they say.

The site is designed to be a professional compliment to my resume, which I had redesigned a few years ago. Since I did not feel the same constraints for the website (that I would normally be somewhat wary of in a resume), it was a fantastic opportunity to show a lot more of my personality as well as providing a digital repository of my certifications, references and educational projects. SquareSpace seemed to provide the ideal platform, as I wanted to ensure consistency across mobile devices and avoid unnecessary coding wherever possible.

Thus far, I have created about 10 pages of content. Surprisingly, the website has come to highlight more of my personal side than my professional. It made me rethink my aversion to the phrase 'work / life integration', as I can finally see a tangible link between my personal and professional ethos. I'm looking forward to creating content on the site to engage with a community of technology professionals, both on the managerial side as well as with engineering and architecture practitioners.

You can visit my website by going to or clicking that link directly. I welcome your comments and feedback via email to [email protected].

Please note that the site is still a work in progress, so you may still see some changes (as well as random Latin phrases) strewn about. Otherwise, you have my thanks for your interest in reading about my project. I look forward to improving the site with the help of your valuable opinion.

 - Dave


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