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I really wanted to set a flower pot on a nightstand and plug in a cell phone to it, but I'm just not sure about that.  I even drew it all out creating a little scene with a person in bed on an iPad.  The iPad plugged into the flower pot on the night stand but still not sure about it.  It made a REALLY busy image.

So here are my other three sketches that I would want to flesh out.



So Mr. Art Director ... which would you like to see developed?

Final Project.

Thank you art directors for wonderful insight.

I followed Lies guidance to add a board with formulas.  Ed also stressed a lab environment.  After considering ways to add more lab environment into the background (a shelf, or a tabletop in the foreground) I settled into Ed's original advice to edit by focusing.

Originally my scientist had on clear goggles but she was staring at a light bulb.  I'm glad that the shade goggles do translate as tinted protective wear.


Things I would change on final piece are the light rays (they are unnecessary) and giving her a right hand on a left arm (ooops).

I enjoyed this class tremendously.

The tone of the class has been welcoming, encouraging and most importantly educational.

This was a nice introduction to a topic I have been curious about.


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