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Sandra Bowers

Illustrator+ Surface Pattern Designer




Hi! I decided to go with Posada, my Grandfather's last name (on my Mom's side), since I loved him so much. Still do, but he's not around anymore. 

The original name was POSADAS with an S at the end so I thought it was cool to make it that way. 

So here's the explanation for the things I included in the Crest:

- A wreath: we used to spend a lot of time in nature.

-Lily flowers: From the original Family Crest

-An exotic bird: Because we were born in Medellin, Colombia, in South America and we all love birds.

-A lugagge: Because my grandfather spent a lot of his time travelling (and we all love travelling).

-Some grapes: Because the first Posadas were from Oviedo in Spain, where it's full of Vineyards.

-An orange: Because my grandfather and I would go picking oranges from the trees in the countryside, and eating them right there.

-The phrase: "Nunca por el camino de espinas" which my grandfather always said and it means "Never go through the path with the torns, always choose the good path".

So here is my first sketch in Illustrator, using very ugly colors as I go.


Here I chose the colors and fonts. The original Family Crest is Yellow (gold) and Blue, so I thought I'd incorporate those colors in some way but I didn't want them to be the traditional hues, so I made a sort of Turquoise blue and a very pale creamish-yellow. But since my grandfather was the person with the biggest heart, I knew I had to incorporate some sort of red (and that's also why the creat is shaped like a heart).


FInally, everything was in place, I just had to play around with the colors:


And this is the final version:


I'd love to hear your comments!


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