POPLET - a peer-to-peer platform where creative entrepreneurs find temporary commerical spaces for pop-up shops or events.

Notes for SkillShare:

Describe your startup in one sentence:
X for Y: We are Airbnb for temporary commerical space

Elevator Pitch:Our mission is to provide a platform where creative entrepreneurs can find short-term leases/ temporary commerical spaces to open their stores, showcase their work and the opporutnity to meet their online customers. We are bringing the concept of "lean startup" to the street.

Our biggest holes in our startup idea:

1. Our business model. We don't want to charge creatives as most of them don't have a lot of money. Why would space owners pay us to find people to fill their temporary spaces. 

2. Most creative entrepreneurs work with very limited budget and can't afford to pay an extra service if they can do it themselves. 

3. What's in it for the space owners? Is it just for good PR? Why would space owners offer free (or discounted) space to entrepreneurs?

MVP Solution: Find a short-term lease space and test if anyone would use our service to open a temporary store. Our service fee is 10% of the cost of the rent.

Find a temporary space, send the info to our personal network.

Build a simple website and feature the spaces and designers we sign up manually.

We have a friend who has just purchased a commercial space in a residential/commerical building and has offered her space to test our business after it's renovated.

Create an Actionable Plan:

1. Build a website (with a registration page) at the upcoming AngelHack (Dec1-2) Here is our current landing page: www.poplet.in

2. Sign up at least 5 entrepreneurs and 5 spaces and feature their stories on our website (2 min video of the designers showcasing their talents and their ideal space)

3. Create a Facebook page. Create contents based on information regarding pop-up shops and initiatives around the world.

4. Success Metic: When we can match the first 5 entrepreneurs with spaces.



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