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POP for Guatemala


This year, your SAT will get hundreds of people into school.

Nearly 3 million students take the SAT every academic year. We’ll partner with the organization to encourage test-takers to pay an extra $1 for the exam – kids in Guatemala get a new school, test-takers get their results early, everyone gets a chance at a brighter future. 

On the day of the exams, we would also have collection boxes where test takers could donate their #2 pencils and any extra $ they would like. 

Polos of Promise

Maroon? Black? or Guatemala Blue?

Private, parochial and now many public school students in the US buy new uniforms before the start of every school year. 

We'll partner with a major school uniform company to create a new polo color – a light blue inspired by the color on the Guatemalan flag - exclusively for this charitable project. For every "Guatemala blue" polo that is bought, all profits will be donated to POP. 


Pollo Campero's "smart kids meal" nourishes body - and mind.

We’re going to partner with Pollo Campero - a popular fast food chain founded in Guatemala, now with locations across the globe - to create a limited time “smart kids meal.” Including chicken, plantains, and rice & beans, for every combo sold, a donation will be made by Pollo Campero to POP.

The Promise of Prefab

In this country of natural wonders, shouldn't a school be sustainable too?

Prefab architecture is affordable, green & reproducible. We'd partner with Dwell to create a competition for up-and-coming prefab architects. They design a school that fits into Guatemala's natural environment, readers vote for the design they would like built by donating on a contest microsite, Dwell kicks in the balance and profiles the winner, the school & the project in a future issue.

Empanada Pop-Ups for POP

Delicious filled snacks = Curious, full minds

Empanadas are a typical Guatemalan snack food - dough filled with meat, veggies, etc. Through a partnership with Food Network, we'll enlist Latin American celebrity chefs to create their favorite empanada recipe and sell them at pop-up empanda shops, in heavily hispanic cities through the US. All proceeds will go to POP. 


AND - i'm 20 ideas, here's some less well articulated and/or fleshed out ideas

Doing good is always in Fashion

Partner with central American models/designer to do a collection for target/jcpenney - % of each sale goes to build school (microsite to buy clothes, can also donate directly online)

Mayans Make Good

So, the world didn't end. To make up for it we will create a website where we will have "the Maya" make prophesies that will definitely come true. You pay per prophesy?

 Music & Money Man

Ask Ricardo Arjona (famous Latin musician, from Guatemala) for a donation in full. 

Teeny Bop for POP

Carlos Peña (Guatemalan latin American idol winner) does a tour for charity.

We Bought a School

Reach out to actor Erick Chavarria (of We bought a zoo) to do promotion.

 Go to school. Build a school.

College students/programs to Guatemala – increase tuition - % increased goes to POP.

What if there was no school?

Elementary school kids in US write letters/make drawings about what they wouldn’t have learned if there had not been a school. Those letters presented in gallery? On tv? To donors? Make film? To their parents?

Developers do good.

Ask high-end, latin-american luxury developer (like Jorge Perez) to give donation in full. 

World's first school built entirely of pencils

How many pencils does it take to build a school, log cabin style? Competition to see if this could be done, winner does it again in Guatemala?


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