POLLY WILSON PR 1st Pitch - student project

Dear Kevin Bronson, 

My client, Redgrave Jones is gearing up for an exciting show with local punk rocker's Peligro (Dead Kennedy's drummer DH Peligro's side project), and one other TBD local band, next month at The Satellite on February 13th. I love what you have going on with LA Buzzbands. Your commitment to music created in the trenches of Los Angeles is a beautiful thing. I think Redgrave's music would be a wonderful fit for the publication - whether covering the show or having a write-up of her debut EP, Luckiest Girl In The World. The music is unfiltered, raw and unsparingly unique.  

I'll leave a link below where you can both stream and download the music. If there's any other information I can provide, please don't hesitate to ask.


Polly Wilson

Polly Wilson PR



Download/Stream Luckiest Girl In The World here: