PNW Mt. Ranier tattoo

I've actually been playing around with this design for a while, but somehow misplaced my sketchbook that had the older versions. This class has a lot of good tips and advice I'm trying to incorporate in my latest version. I used a lot of references from Pinterest and google searching Mt. Rainier/woodblock prints.

I'm trying to make something that communicates my love for the Pacific Northwest, but also my excitement about moving on to new places. I've actually discussed with one of my friends getting it together. (Perhaps one day/one night). I've included Mt. Rainier because I grew up just between it and Mt. St. Helens and it has a more typical silhouette. I'm really inspired by the block or wood print style, but am having a hard time incorporating that as well as finding a design I like for the mountain and doing the reflection. I also know I need to polish it up a bit more. Any advice is appreciated. :) 




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