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PIne & Boon: Starting my small business from the ground up

I am a craftswoman of all the crafty trades. I run a small studio in Seattle where I sew, paint, sculpt, and laugh.  After working for galleries, artist studios, and etsy sellers for the last 5 years, it is high time for me to persue my own work.  I love working with artists, but I also would love to use my talents for myself!  Take a peek at my Go Mightly Life List where you can follow my progress in class.

I want to create a small business plan for my online shop idea.  I make bags, hand-painted fabrics, belts, and pouches.  Everything is made with time, art, and function in mind.  I believe in selling products I love.  Therefore, I use every product I make to ensure its strength, durability, and functionality.   I source simple and affordable leathers, muslin, and hardware.  Each piece is oiled with a homemade beeswax treatment.  The fabric is hand-painted to create a unique piece of art for each bag lining, tote, or pouch.  

My online shop will sell these handmade products in small stock or made to order.  

UPDATE:  Throughout this class I have made a lot of changes and reached many of my goals.  Introducing Pine & Boon.  Sign up if you want to recieve an update when the shop is ready.  



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