Matheus Dix

Designer and Pixel Artist



PIXEL ART FUNDAMENTALS: Create Pixel Art for Games.

Introduction Video:

Class Link:

Class Outline:

Class Topic:

In this class you’ll learn the principles of Pixel Art. At the end of this class you’ll have at least your own character and background to start prototyping your own game.

Pixel art is a form of digital art that became very influent by its usage in early video games and it is still very popular nowadays. Is a very powerful tool for indie game developers because you can create extremely beautiful graphics with it and it can be easily done by a single person.

Class Project:

In class project you will choose a pixel art style and make a complete set to start prototyping your own game.


                Background Screen (256x240 – 16x16)

                Platform Tileset (9 - 48x48)

                Platformer Character (suggestion: 22x30)



                Background Screen (256x240 – 16x16)

                Grass and Water Tileset (9 - 48x48)

                RPG Character (suggestion: 16x24)


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