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Kristin Rose





In November, 2015, Hamtramck, Michigan elected a majority Muslim city council, a first in America. This event made national headlines, and as the media descended on Hamtramck, many reporters focused on the negatives - the divisiveness that this newly elected city council would cause our town, the overthrow of our city government, even the threat of Sharia law was invoked.

As a resident of Hamtramck, I feel that many subtle nuances of our small town were missed during this media blitz.  I have written a short (600 word), personal essay on my experience with my Muslim neighbors.  I focus on how I relate to the adult females who wear the niqab in public. My relevant observations are especially timely now, with immigration seen as a prime topic of public discourse.

I would like to share my unique and positive perspective with your readers.  

I have written for Publisher’s Weekly, the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, and the Hamtramck Review

Thank you,

Kristin Rose

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