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Nora ElGazzar

Graphic Designer





well this is my first project on skillshare so i'm still getting the hang of the whole project workspace idea :) bare with me 

i'm really excited being here and meeting all these talented people :)


for some weird reason i never liked pirates i don't know why! but i thought that i'll consider it as part of the challenge and design a pirate.. i started off by adding pins on my pinterest and as much as i love looking for inspiration as much as it's sort of depressing.. i always feel that i still have a LOOOONG way to go.. but what the heck let's do it! 

that's my account in case you would like to have a look: 


the sketching phase:

let me start off that i have a certain style that i think is nice but i'm tired of doing it all over in every single character i do! which is that one

i like the fact that it's simple yet you could add on as much as details as you want... i'll try staying away from that style in this project cause i feel that it limits me in a way.

these are the sketching i did today i'm not happy with them yet..

i've done more sketches like this one but it turned out too ehh serious?! 

i was trying to create a more modern pirate but i didnt complete it because a) i'm not very good at drawing figures in general especially if they were to look more real! 

anyway i thought that instead of just thinking of creating the pirate, i would try to visualize it and personalize it more.. and therefore was the idea of creating a "RETIRED PIRATE"

i'm happy with the way it turning out so far.. looking at inspiration and concentrating on how to create more details really helped me out with this final outcome, i'll still add more details to the swimming suit though :)


this is the 3rd time i change the projects name :D first it was "pirate", then "the retired pirate" and now it's "pirate's day out"! lets hope it's the last name amendment! 

now after a while i started feeling that he doesn't look like a pirate very much i tried adding more details but still didn't give me the grungy feeling i was hoping for.

but then i liked it the way it is! 

DAY 3 (or 4! i don't remember)

i've worked on the illustrator file and finished it.

and that one is the same but withouth the sketch outline.


i don't know what i'll do with the facial hair.. no matter how much i try it just looks off! and still don't konw what'll do with the background... 


final update.. i guess i'm done for now :) i know it still needs work to be done but i've been looking at this project for so long that i familiarized with the flaws so i cant see them anymore.. a break would help in that case.

needless to say, feedback would be highly appreciated ;)


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