PINK FLAMENCO | Skillshare Projects



 I would like to explain before looking at my project that minimal shapes are not my speciality, I feel more confortable in baroque so my challenge in this class is enormous, just to try to simplify and thats why I enrollI. I choose a pink flamingo because I like their form a lot, with long neck and legs also I like the original color in nature for these animals. If they are well feed, they are bright pink if they are not, they turn white and palid.

I had tried to do my best and exploring minimal information image references. I choose to eliminate this features for my Pink flamingo:  dense plumage, complicated beak and also suppress feet... I was not sure, to eliminate one of their legs or not... because they use to stand in one main time, finally I did.

The most difficult part for me, was sketching beak in geometric looks like a triangle but for me was no so confortable looking at my sketches with the rest of the parts I have been drawing, so I decide to turn it to a excessive curve so Ii will fix better and still rememeber the original photo.

I have practise a lot with this class in shaping sketches in illustrator and minimalazing more. I would like to apologize for my English, everyday I try to improve...Thank you!.



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